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Conclusions of the game night

First of all, we appreciate so much that more players joined our game night than we expected. Your feedback is the key to our development, so we are very grateful that you shared your experiences with us. We were lucky that they're very close to our near-term development plans :)

By hosting the game night, we wanted to support the multiplayer experience. As it's a party game, it's mainly about competition between friends and beating each other's records, but there aren't always available friends or rivals as there aren't many users worldwide yet.

As we promised, the game has been updated with a ghost option, which contains games recorded about the developers and random players' games. Now when we can not match you to another gamer we match you to one of our ghosts. It means to play against real players, just not in real-time.

You were missing the game tutorials, that's why each game mode has been extended with a short video.

There has also been a fair demand for voice chat, which of course will be needed for multiplayer, and this is still being developed.

Besides these main updates, We have improved the gameplay experience at a few points and fixed some bugs thanks for your reviews.

It would be a huge help if you could join our Discord and share your suggestions to create the game as you want it to be.

More episodes and seasons are coming soon.

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