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Why will you be a fan?

Go toe to toe against strangers or friends in various unique minigames online or challenge yourself/your friends locally and leave your marks on the Leaderboards in this Competitive Cross-Platform Multiplayer/Single-player VR party game.

Toe To Toe Party Games' consists of unique minigames set in various Seasons (styles) in which you can go toe to toe against others or challenge yourself. 

Single-player: Here you can test yourself and try to beat your own high scores or go toe to toe with others by passing around the VR headset so everyone can make their own mark on the local leaderboard.

Cross-Platform Multiplayer: Go toe to toe against random opponents in Quick Play mode or jump into a Custom Game to play with friends/known opponents.

And what makes you a fan?

The Wild West is just the first chapter. You'll have the chance to challenge yourself and your friends in more and more episodes. Where will the next episode take you?

Be surprised!


​I felt sorry for him, but in this world, we are not on the same team...

A week ago I was watching my favorite TV show with a beer in my hand, and the next morning I woke up in a new dimension. 
I took a walk around the city to find out what had happened but despite the same date,

it seems like we've been transported back to 1860. 
I met my buddy in the pub but he didn't recognize me so he took my greeting as a provocation and challenged me to a fight. 
Now he is dead. 

Instead of him, the town bandits follow my every move and call me boss, it seems I'm one of them. 
Deep inside, I feel it's true... my power is limitless. 
I have no worthy opponent in any game... or do you think you are? Let's see... 



Ah, that old witch... I should have guessed I couldn't trust her when she won the first challenge.

Against me... nobody beats me! My pistols are also missing...  

what would have been in that drink?

Yesterday I was wrangling horses and cows, today I woke up with a magic wand in my hand.

This is insane! A new dimension again?

The city is full of monsters, but I have to use magics to beat all my challengers to increase my strength and get into the's the only way to get out of here... so come on and challenge me! Toe To Toe...

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