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The day of the fight arrived...

I felt sorry for him, but in this world, we are not on the same team...

A week ago I was watching my favorite TV show with a beer in my hand, and the next morning I woke up in a new dimension. 
I took a walk around the city to find out what had happened but despite the same date,

it seems like we've been transported back to 1860. 
I met my buddy in the pub but he didn't recognize me so he took my greeting as a provocation and challenged me to a fight. 
Now he is dead. 

Instead of him, the town bandits follow my every move and call me boss, it seems I'm one of them. 
Deep inside, I feel it's true... my power is limitless. 
I have no worthy opponent in any game... or do you think you are? Let's see... 


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